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12-28-2012, 02:36 AM
Lol, this is the weirdest subject ever, I'm surprised that it's still going.

It starts out about a ship and then it gets into fan rage and then it splits into faction rage then returns to a ship.

I say keep plugging away, one voice is as heard as a million.

I'm not really sure why people are arguing over the mere notion of another ship in a game thats dominated by ships. That's like asking why is there more costumes and horses and armor and weapons in a medieval mmo. O don't know... maybe because it's a medieval mmo.... that may be it

They will always come out with ships.

This is why we as A COMMUNITY BOTH SIDES KDF AND FED can't get anything in this game because we are constantly bickering ******** and moaning in our knitting circles over the most asinine stuff and then when cryptic gives you something that's in the middle of no mans land absolutely garbage you have the unmitigated gull, the unabashed audacity to join together hand in hand in your koombiya circles and talk about how Cryptic gives you crappy content, how pwe is a money grubbing magnate and don't care about both sides, when they are giving you exactly what you are complaining about and care enough to listen to both sides and give you something in tyhe middle! If no ones happy then i think they did a pretty good damn job giving you something you should't have asked for in the first place but waited until they were ready to make it, like they did the Breen and the Bug and my god we all know those ships are going to be uber class.... and have the nerve to complain about something with a straight face. If it's not KDF Vs FED it's PVE vs PVP, of it's not pvp vs PVE its F2p vs P2W, when the hell is it over?

And who are we as warring factions that are't exactly warring ever to tell another faction what they can and cannot build, how they can and cannot build. i have never heard of that in anything other then these online games. A cruiser is a battle ship, if it can't take aggro then what use is it? We all know thet TC is broken and high DPS get's the aggro pure and simple so what's the problem with buffing it's dps out put to make it into a weapon? If you don't like it then get a cruiser, dam, evolve at some point with the game instead of saying, no no you can't do that it will mess up my build. It's ridiculous as if in war we have some accord that says you ca't have this this and this. As if you paying a few dollars for something that YOU wanted that benefits NO ONE BUT YOU gives you the ultimate power to tell someone else what they want, what they wish for, what they think would make the game interesting to them and for them cause they pat the same tolls you do. Learn to add and subtract from a persons build or ideas without belittling and subjugating them. We all have a right to be heard but to fill the world with abstract douchebaggery is by far the biggest problem in games. as if you saying no will stop it.

And this gets me most, KDF needs content, sure why not, don't have a problem with that. KDF starts out at lvl 20 fine, they get all the dil, eeeer sure i guess, and they have the best ships uh oh. FEDS have like a million ships and still have not caught up (Mainly because startrek was about the FEDS, never seen an season where it was from a klink pov or a borg pov or anyone's pov other then the feds and 90% of the paying pop is fed so business wise i would cater to feds, it's not about being fair or being right, it's about being profitable.) Hell you can have the rest of my content, i'm not using it. I only did the episodes and was done with that part of my STO life. I for one have no problem with giving Klinks more toys long as i can pocket 8k Dil a day i'll call it even. hell give them about 80% of the fed ships they covet so much in exchange since only 5% are actually usable. Call their blufff and take their power and watch how fast they say we don't want that crap. I have no problem with giving both sides more and more but the problem is it becomes fan-fiction and no longer what the creator intend. So while we are bickering back in forth over who deserves what and when, remember that you are trampling all over your favorite authors work in your own greed to one up each other and to me, i'm not even into star trek other then the pretty lights, and I know deep down inside as a writer that i'd shed tears and roll over in my grave if I saw half of this crap.

That is all.... now back to dicussing your ship idea's ON BOTH SIDES... thank you