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Originally Posted by chuckingram View Post
Thanks for the clarity. If you feel this way, why even join? Assuming that you're a member of a fleet, perhaps it would be better to join as part of fleet only group. As it is, you're screwing anyone who stays in search of as close to a sure thing as you can get. I'd be willing to bet that you don't play it this fast and loose with a 1-hour CD as punishment, which is a major argument for penalties on ALL endgame maps. Saying that you're "better off" behaving this way is pure selfishness, and no better than leaving because things don't look good.

IMO, these maps were configured this way in a cheap-to-implement effort to give non-VA's a way to FM's. Penalties, with elite/normal versions would correct the situation for the good of all.

So let me see if i'm getting you straight here, I should join say blockade, get a team that is say 3/5 below level 50, and stay for the whole 15 minutes doing my best knowing damn well that if we get 10 freighters that will be a miracle. I'm not a selfish person, if i get a somewhat low dps team of VAs, or even a team with 1 lower rank, i will usually stick around. I am not however such a nice guy as to stick around with a blockade team that i know optimistically will get 30 marks, when i know if i leave and queue again and get a decent team I can easily get 70+ marks.

I do normally play with my fleet so this isn't an issue most of the time, but I do occasionally play solo and will always follow the policy I outlined. Like I said originally, make a VA only version, either same difficulty or harder and award more marks and call it elite, and then make a version for the rest of the players. Throw a leaver penalty on then and you'll get no argument from me.