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Originally Posted by daharmasterklag View Post
I have several that I really hate in no particular order, except for humans which are the worst of the lot for all the painfully obvious reasons. The rest of the species are aesthetically repulsive or just a stupid concept.. some are both.

1 Humans
2 Kazon
3 Chalnoth
4 Xindi Reptilians
5 Sheliak
6 Suliban
7 All the cat species - Antican, Caitian, etc
8 Antedean
9 Pakleds
10 Tellarite
Actually agree on point 1.

Humans in Trek WERE portrayed as being somewhat arrogant. To quote Tuvok from the Voyager episode "Flashback":

Valtane: Vulcans. You guys need to relax.

Tuvok: No, I will not relax. Ever since I entered the academy, I've had to endure the egocentric nature of humanity. You believe that everyone in the galaxy should be like you, that we should all share your sense of humour and your human values.

And Captain Sulu himself displayed said attitude:

Sulu: Mr Tuvok, if you're going to remain on my ship, you're gonna have to learn how to appreciate a joke. And don't tell me Vulcans don't have a sense of humor, because I know better.

Tuvok: I will... work on it, sir.
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