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Originally Posted by thirdapex View Post
So, in regards to the spec you posted, I have a few questions:

1. Why are there points in driver coils?
2. Why are you not speced into the two weapon specialization skills?
3. Why is there only 1 point in each resistance?
1. The points where left over and I had to choose between either bumping batteries from 3 to 6 for a minor improvement or put these points as a single tick into one of the higher tiers - or go with 3 in driver coils. The spec is intended as a multi-purpose spec for players who don't necessarily live the life of a pvper who is always sitting around at one of the major hubs and only takes queue pops. Driver Coil makes sector space travel a bit faster and it makes running back into the fray after respawning easier for beginners since they won't drop out of full impulse completely without power. Obviously this is the first skill to pull points from if you want to boost other things, but it's not as crazy as it sounds.

2. The weapon specialisation skills are extremely expensive for very little benefit. Fully specced they give +2% CritH and +25% CritD which in my opinion is not worth the cost in a multi-purpose spec.

3. The resistance skills are too expensive for what they do considering that armor resists have diminishing returns and a full spec provides less than one neutronium console. (The spec implicitly assumes that one will always run at least one armor console.) The points are only there because I didn't want to go all out on sensors and inertial dampeners. You could just as well skip them entirely.