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12-28-2012, 04:32 AM
Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
Lastly, all these "terrible" players you were talking about. Why not oh I dunno... offer to help them improve? Instead of just bashing them and then dismissing them outright? Did that thought ever cross your mind? Or were you too busy trying to attack their flaws to see that maybe they could use help instead of harm?

read more maybe?

Originally Posted by broken1981 View Post
so even tho i try to explain in a very nice way i could be put on ignore or even told i ahve no clue about this game. you guys are kind of doing the same thing to pug atm. thats why you guys should take him on his word and get an invite on his run so you can parse the logs. just these guys advice alone made my tact on ground much better and i saw just how badly of a noob i was. i enjoy ground alot more now because of this.
better for you? this happends all the time. i offer logs and links. but dude im done with you. examples were given. guess your head is in your arse since i called myself a noob on ground. im not the best in space but im freaking increable. on ground FES is the best. no doubt about it and anyone who wants to learn can always mail them in game. later