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better for you? this happends all the time. i offer logs and links. but dude im done with you. examples were given. guess your head is in your arse since i called myself a noob on ground. im not the best in space but im freaking increable. on ground FES is the best. no doubt about it and anyone who wants to learn can always mail them in game. later
And the hostility continues. I'm beginning to think either you have major anger management problems, or are just being a troll. Or both. Of course I will never understand why people are hostile online, it just makes no sense. Oh wells. Anyways, that over and done with, didn't ditch this thread on your last post?

As I stated earlier, your posts brought up good points. But those were completely nullified by your hostility. After reading 3 lines into most of your posts, I didn't want to read any more of it. Because you were being so hostile and condescending, that I figured anything you had to say was jaded by this anger, so it was useless. Now if you hadn't been so hating, perhaps I would have read more willingly. As is, I saw your links, and I appreciate you putting them up there for people who need them, but tbh, most people would read your first 3 lines, and move on. Which kind of nullifies the whole point of putting up links don't you think?
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