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Originally Posted by sirricwin View Post
Enlighten me. I mentioned its inferiority because it is plainly inferior, especially as an Escort. But where do I say it is superior, and thus backstep my own logic? I would have to say that reading certainly is not your strong point.
Either you're a troll, a moron or, most likely, both.
I shouldn't be so na?ve as to explain in painstaking detail what is obvious to all whose intelligence exceeds room temperature, but, since I'm way too nice, here goes: The Chimera has better stats across the board than the Hermes, yet you state the Hermes is somehow "more efficient"=> that's either terrible logic or trolling.

Now, before accusing your betters of poor reading comprehension, work on yours; because that was all already stated in the post you ing misread, you ****ing moron.

Edit: lolfilter. What are the mods, 12?

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