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Originally Posted by quiscustodiet View Post
Maybe they're not supposed to be equivalent.
Yes, Romulan Marks are harder to accumulate by several orders of magnitude, but maybe that's by design.
But that's the thing.... Rom marks are trivially easy to get. Just not "A couple hundred within 20 minutes of deciding I want some more, BAM! - 2 ESTFs with my regular awesome crew of fleeties".

So, basically, the ESTF crowd want a Rom equivalent of dilithium "clickies", because they can't be bothered to "put in the effort/time/do the intended content" for them.... .while insisting that anyone who wants Omega marks - has to put in the time/effort/do the intended STF content.

Not saying that I agree with that design, just playing devil's advocate.
Some companies keep the players interested by having so much content you couldn't go through it all as fast as it's released, Cryptic achieves the same with timers.
Got your 60 Romulan Marks? You can't get them anymore today! Enjoy the daily wait! Have fun accumulating 500 for a project!

Oh, and forget about alts!
Running ESTFs on alts is possible, but trekking all the way to Tau Dewa, doing the daily and trekking back to ESD on several chars takes entirely too long.
...."trekking back to ESD"? Did you forget your transwarp button?

Meh, whatever. Like I said, I've got hundreds and thousands of Rom marks spread among three characters. Admittedly, this has been helped by the winter event, which will soon go away. But it still didn't take much time at all. And I've long stopped doing most of the Rom dailies for them - getting a bunch is EASY. Just, like I said, not 200 within 30 minutes of deciding you want some.