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All quite valid points.

However, when I'm writing, I tend to ignore them and just write.

The thing about our audience is that it is so widely varied and have so many ideas about their characters and their bridge officers, none of which we can know. To my mind there are two approaches you can take. You can either attempt to write for every eventuality or write what you want.

That's a decision each author has to make for themselves. I lean toward the latter. I think writing for every eventuality just makes things very bland. I do try and give options though. Sure, i get a couple "my character would never say that" comments per mission, but sometimes you just have to say sorry buddy, but the Foundry is the author's sandbox, not the player's, and I needed you to say X so the story could go in Y direction.

Anyway, I can add a couple pet peeves.

1. Klingons are not evil. They may have been straight-up mustache-twirling villains in TOS, but the Ron D. Moore Klingons of TNG, on which all subsequent klinks have been based, are not evil at all (Duras family excluded of course). They are different from humans, they have different cultural values and different rules, and they would do things humans wouldn't, but that doesn't make them evil and it doesn't mean that they always do bad things.

2. Not all KDF players are Klingon. Players should note this one too. In many reviews people said my spotlight mission "Raktajino in a Jar" was not very Klingon. However, I wasn't really writing it with Klingons in mind. I was writing for Orion or Gorn or whatever others (my own KDF main is a Vorta).
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