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I was just making a joke about escort quests in video games with my principle concept. xD

Anyways, what you could do to make it look like that is just like you were catching on to; you run a patrol to a specific reach (or interact object) and give them a bunch of patrol points there so they hang around that spot or spin in circles. When that point is reached/interacted with the original patrol group is set to go invisible and the next leg spawns.
I set it up like you suggested and tho it works I believe all those extra patrol points may have borked one critical enemy group encounter as they don't spawn like they used to and remain stationary instead of following their patrol route. I may have to remove some points as I think there might be a limit one can use before the patrol system gets wonky. I may have to remove the group from it's task and let them spawn (or not) on it's own. Though the transitions are still a bit sloppy the mission works, and also keeps the player in mission for the proper amount of time whether they try to run it faster or not. Fail notice included in mission brief.

See what you think, but remember it's still quite a bit away from being called 'finished'.

Mission: Supply Lines 1

Another question tho- the pop-up dialog icons: when placing them on the map where exactly does the pop-up get triggered from, the little point at the bottom/left of the symbol or somewhere else, and how big is the trigger area ?
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