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12-28-2012, 08:06 AM
Originally Posted by sgtciscoinsa View Post
Excel > Regent for a TAC cannon build

I am sorry hands down.

Even the Fleet Excel > Fleet Regeant

The torp is great on the Regeant but lets be honest. A Ensign TAC < Ensign Eng. Its a waste of a bridge officer slot. Put some cannons on your TAC cruiser and go to town. Throw ENG TEAM 1 in your Ensign slot BOFF.

TAC EXCEL, best single cannon cruiser in the game.
I don't know what universe your from that a tac < eng ensign...especially since the ship has 3 eng ensigns.

Eng Team < Tac Team by far if your going for a offensive build, because not only does tac team give you a little offensive power its also a great defensive tool.