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Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
That seems fine to me considering the that the beams fire twice as often as the DHC's.
I see you conveniently left out the small detail that DHCs do about 2 times the dmg per hit of a beam array, Example below. (States from info window with items in inventory)

Phaser Dual Heavy Cannons Mk X [Acc] [Dmg]
Damage per hit: 365.4 (243.6 DPS)
-12 Weapon power when firing other weapons
2 Second recharge
+10% Critical severity
+10% Accuracy

Phaser Beam Array Mk X [Acc] [Dmg]
Damage per hit: 210 (168 DPS)
-10 Weapon power when firing other weapons
1 Second recharge
+10% Accuracy

Due to the recharge they do fire the same number of shots every beam cycle but when you put both weapons at 1km and leave them both unbuffed with the same power settings the DHC will do more damage. And Apparently they do have an inherent crit damage boost