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12-28-2012, 09:52 AM
This really is the type of question where the answer depends heavily on your playstyle. No really it does. If you use certain methods of attack in PVP, or PVE, you don't need crit h or acc at all.

Something to keep in mind is that the bonus derived from weapons is very small compared to what your boff abilites can provide. Granted that the boff bonus tends (not always) to be of a limited duration but the added damage derived can dramatically outweigh static weapon bonus.

In short, if you use boff abilites to insure that hits and crit hit's happen, crit d becomes king. If you're NOT going that route, than sure you want to have some acc and some crit h, or whatever mix you need to bring your stats where you want them to be.

"You generally can't go wrong with at least one [Acc] mod." but if you held a gun to my head and said give me a general answer I would go with this one. It's the most helpful and the least harmful of the bunch.

Cheers happy flying!

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