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12-28-2012, 10:21 AM
BTW, one of my fleetmates played and rated it, and it got easier to search.

But, the search does still seem buggy. Sort by top rating does not do anything of the sort. Doesn't change the order, doesn't do anything.

And thanks for your kindness in being willing to play it. I recently played someone's "in review" mission too, and I think I will make a rule of doing one "in review" mission for each one that does earn the rewards. My fleet needs my dilithium (we're trying to upgrade to Tier III right now), but that way it should be fair.

Oh, and if you see a typo or missing word or something like that in the dialogue, would you mind jotting down a note as to where you saw it, and messaging me in-game with it? My first reviewer said he saw some. I pride myself in correct spelling, so I'd like to know so I can get it corrected.

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