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12-28-2012, 10:35 AM
Originally Posted by paareth View Post
You are an experienced player, so you are already levels above me .

You know the gear, know the loadouts, know the stf's.

A fresh level 50 player doesn't know any of these things

There is a gap and you are glossing right over it in your post. Given how easy it was to get to 49. You may be saying I am a bad player, you may be right. I placed usually top or 2nd from top in the stf's pre 50 so most players levelling with me are probably under your definition in this case.

As far as engineers go, the last poster before you said tanks were not often needed, so are you saying different? Else what have you done to counter the remark except say how good you personally are?
It's their responsibility to learn. If you jumped right into elites, then you skipped a step, you should be doing normal STFs. If your doing normal STFs and struggling, it's really just an issue with you needing to accept you are bad at the game and that you need to figure out what your doing wrong. That means looking at builds, key binds, game mechanics, etc. there are plenty of sticky guides in the forum that will help you with that.