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12-28-2012, 10:44 AM
Unfortunately, there is no way to fix this yet. Cryptic's idea to "make things easier" does not actually include rational thought about trying to make things actually work, let alone work well.

The entire thing is a problem due to the way that the Cryptic engine handles your ship. The engine treats your active ship as a character, just like your captain or a Boff. Each of your ships, thankfully, has its own data file about what weapons / consoles / etc are equipped, but it has NO data file for where your individual ship powers and Boff powers were located in the power bar(s).

The result: Power bar blender action.

This is another of those things that Cryptic has simply poked with a stick instead of sitting a bug-fix team down to actually work on it.

I have said it before, as have others: The vast majority of players don't care if we get only minor updates (or none at all) if the Devs actually FOCUS on bug-fixes and making the game less glitchy / crash-prone / etc.

Post Script: Please realize that I am not blaming Cryptic completely in this. PWE should shoulder a lion's share of the blame since they are the "great and powerful OZ" around these parts.