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Originally Posted by ajstoner View Post
Good advice for all, and I'm glad you liked the Romulan Ale joke.
Sorry I forgot that was you!

I still think your best moment in that mission was when the player has the opportunity to eavesdrop on Captain Kull. It's a shame some players probably miss that, because I know it totally revised my opinion on Kull when I heard him do what struck me as a very intelligent, Sun Tzu-like analysis of my character (yet without getting TOO personal and inferring traits Kull couldn't possibly know).

One Cryptic mission really bothered me as well: it was the one where Franklin Drake tricks you onto that holodeck where he and another character are each accusing the other of being an Undine spy and you have to decide to attack one. It made no sense; I would have taken them both into custody and brought everyone back to my ship for a nice blood test, not shoot up the place on a wild guess.
Yeah, that one definitely had some problems too, though the one with Admiral Zelle bothered me the most because I'd basically been co-opted into committing a war crime.

(I was irritated with Zelle from the moment we had our first fight and she wouldn't pick up a phaser. Leading from behind and not facing the consequences--good sign of "Crazy Admiral Syndrome" there...)

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Yeah, I try to stick with the "silent hero" motif as much as possible. That way the player can imagine their character saying whatever they feel would be appropriate.
I tend to like some dialogue options because I enjoy seeing the author's writing on display. I especially like branching dialogue because it a) gives me a choice to fit my captain's personality and b) may lend itself to re-playing later just to see where the other options lead. (Alimac30 is a particular master at that...making you want to try his missions multiple times to explore other paths.)

Originally Posted by chicochavez View Post
In regards to #3 and my series, I've already got a few comments complaining about following through the initial mission when it would become obvious to the player that something is wrong.

Thing is there IS a reason for doing what you're doing, but to reveal it would ruin a major plot point later on in the series. In a different media like a TV show it might be possible to give the viewer an idea of what has happened, but with our essentially first person story telling experience here it becomes more problematic showing things your captain doesn't know or see.
I haven't played your mission series that I'm aware of, but is there any way to acknowledge the cognitive dissonance at some point, but force the player to go on anyway? An unhappy talk with bridge officers, perhaps? (Either one of your subordinates is unhappy with your course of action, or you ask them for alternatives only to have those alternatives shot down?)

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