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12-28-2012, 10:01 AM
i'll chime in here....

pugging is different from being part of a team with a coordinated kill cycle, so i wont go in depth there, as your team's kill cycle could involve many different powers and timing that depend on your layouts, and the competency of the opposing team to counter them....

as for pugging....and mind you i have not been part of a premade team for quite some time now, so i spend 99% of my time in game doing just this....

the one thing i have found that i am pretty decent at in this game, is finding the opposing pug team's tac team and RSP cycles....i will bounce from target to target, usually only spending about 7-10 seconds on each...taking stock of who is running what, and when...

if i find a certain target is hitting RSP every time i target him, while running only CRF....i know i have found possible dead guy #1...but i will leave him alone for a second and see if anyone is going to back him up....that guy is usually wasting his heals on the guy who just RSP'd... then i target the would be see what he's got.....

and then the fun begins.... because in the back of my head i now have 2/5 of the opposing team pinned down to when and where i will bring the hurt. on to possible target #3...and from kind of just rinse and repeat.

mind you, that in this game, as a tac cannot afford in 1 match to waste NOT 1 FOMM, or TAC Fleet, or GDF. these powers, stacked on top of your APA, greatly increase your damage potential. and conversely, some targets may not require all of those stacked for you to turn their hull into a burning pile of rubble. and stacking them at the wrong time, when several targets are in their hull hardening or shield distribution cycles, greatly reduce your damage potential.

Thissler is right on with this one, the "true" alpha may have left us long ago....the time when you could stack these powers and run rampant for 30 seconds.... really does not exist any longer. a true STO escort pilot in the current environment evaluates the battlesphere, sets his cadence, and executes at the most opportune time to do so. and will also adjust those windows when needed.

have fun kill bad guys

-thrusters on full-

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