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12-28-2012, 10:09 AM
I've posted about this on several different threads...

I have been taking the survey since oh September 2012.

In total since I started doing the surveys, I have gotten over 10,000 zen.
Yes, you read that right and its not a typo.

I have bought things form the c-store like keys (10 packs), costume slots, DOFF complement increases, and ships. Shoot, I bought the Vesta line (3 pack) all with Zen obtained form surveys.

Now, I not going to say that it isn't easy, or fast. I can go days without getting anything from the surveys. Also the opposite is true, one day last week I got over 1200 Zen in one day alone!

It does take some persistence and patience. I will also go along with some who posted in this thread about the offers, which can be scam, spam, and so forth.

I generally stay away from them, even though I created a new email account just for this purpose.

But, like I said above, be persistent and patient, the zen will come. Also, I have found that if a survey doesn't grant Zen, i can contact Peanut Labs customer service and they usually resolve it to my satisfaction within 48 hours. Sometimes their ruling is against me, but the explanation is to my satisfaction.

So, take the surveys, and unless your feeling brave, or you have spam measures in place, take the offers. But it does work, it you keep at it.