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Two points where I absolutely agree with you though is 4 and 5.

I try not to necessarily ascribe "abnormal" personalities to bridge officers. Since I don't know what the player has in their head for them, for instance on my main the tac officer i have in one of my boff slots is my first officer, she's Bajoran from one of the DMZ colonies and is "involved" shall we say with the captain, but nobody outside of me knows or cares about that.

So what I do is just write them like they were normal Starfleet officers, which is they are good at their jobs, come up with alternatives, don't tell the captain what to do, are respectful towards superior officers and spout exposition like there's no tomorrow.

If I need someone to have a more radical personality, I make up a new NPC. Even then I usually have any Starfleet officer preface everything they say to the player with "sir."
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