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# 1 Mission Bug, very annoying
12-28-2012, 10:16 AM
So this has happened 3 times to me so far. The first 2 times i placed a ticket, got the same exact response, so the third time i figured there was no need. Ill start a mission, and it seems to be any mission, ill play through it. I get to the last part, finish it out, leave the mission through the officer dialogue box and it doesnt register that i completed the last part. Its very frustrating when you spent over an hour on the final part, only to have to do it all over again. The first time it happened was on my KDF toon. I was on the alpha mission. I finished the entire ground part and left through the dialogue of the general guy. It then said i had to continue the mission on the system. I clicked it and it put me at the start of the ground mission again. I put in my ticket and the guy told me to drop the mission and do it again. The second time was on my fed toon. It was the mission where you go back to the past the first time. It did the same thing. Put in my ticket and got the exact same response. This last time was on night of the comet. Finished the entire thing, and it put me back on the station with scotty. Nothing against Scotty but i didnt want to sit there and do it all over again. This time i just skipped it. Its very disheartening to start a mission with the fear that you will have to re do almost the entire mission after you already finished it. Like i said, i did not leave through the abort mission button. Each time it was through the dialogue box at the end. Each time it doesnt register that i completed the mission. The second time through it works, but again i dont want to do them twice. It seems to happen randomly for me. As it has happened both on KDF and FED missions. Please help me with this, i dont want to continue doing missions for fear of having to do them twice.