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The swaying deck shifted beneath her feet, and Lieutenant Meliden Bowen knew that if it were not for Lieutenant S'rR's Kane's arm round her, she would have fallen. She tried to take another step, but something snagged her foot.
"Wait! Wait! Something's got me!" she howled, trying to maintain her balance.
S'rR's looked back,
"You've got your heel caught in your dress again," she sighed, balancing her intoxicated friend against the bulkhead, and stooping to release the stiletto heel from the rucked fabric. "We're nearly there now, just keep going."
Once more, S'rR's slung Meliden's arm across her shoulder, then gripped her round the waist, guiding the Cardassian officer as easily as a small child.
"I know your Da-the Admiral can keep getting Romulan Ale, but how could you let me drink so much?!" Meliden protested, as she staggered forwards. "I know I'm Welsh, but I've got the early duty shift tomorrow! I'm gonna be a right mess!"
"Just drink lots of water before you go to sleep, and replicate a couple cans of Red Targ when you wake up, you'll be fine," S'rR's replied as they navigated round a corner toward the Chief Engineer's quarters.
"I love you, Siri, you're my best friend," Meliden declared, craning her head to kiss S'rR's.
Shifting her head, S'rR's caught the kiss on her cheek, and sighed. "I know, baby, I love you too," she replied tolerantly, reaching out and hitting the door control. As the doors slid open, Meliden staggered through aiming for her work desk, and not even wishing S'rR's a good night, she collapsed heavily into the chair, which spun slightly as the doors sighed closed. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a blinking from her desk terminal, and without thinking, reached out and slapped the control surface, only to see the screen fill with the head and shoulders of her adoptive mother.
"My God, Mel, you look a right state!"
"Hello, Mam, how are you?" she asked, knowing that it was too late to terminate the connection.
"Oh, I'm fine, love, but you look terrible, what've you been upto?"
"It's new years eve, Mam, I was just having a few drinks with my friends," Meliden sighed, leaning forwards on the desk, and resting her chin on her forearms.
"Meliden Olwen Bowen! Sit up when you talk to me, I refuse to have a conversation with the top of your head! And how many times do I have to tell you, they're not your friends, they're just people you work with! Your're as bad as your father was, always putting other people before his family. Your friends here are always asking after you, no one can ever get hold of you."
"I'm a Starfleet officer, Mam, I'm the chief engineer of a starship, I'm busy most of the time," Meliden replied, sitting back in her chair. "And you know Dad always had time for us. He had time for everyone."
On the screen, Caral Bowen frowned.
"You've done something to your hair..."
Meliden brushed a long bang of hair from out of her eyes. "I had it done the other day, do you like it?"
"Well, I can't see half your forehead and face, but I suppose it looks okay."
"Thanks, Mam, that was the idea," Meliden sighed wryly, her head spinning more slowly than before. "So how're things in the village? I hope the weather hasn't been too bad. Is Missus Thomas still teaching?"
"She is, and she still asks after you," replied Caral. "Which reminds me, I ran into your friend Chelsea Jones the other day, and she asked how you were doing. She said she was getting married in a few months."
"Mam, Chelsea Jones isn't my friend! I haven't spoken to her since year nine at school! After I went out with Tommy Webster, she got really nasty, and got all her mates to call me Kim Kardashian!"
"Well, if you will go on your camera without your clothes on, you have to deal with the consequences..."
Meliden closed her eyes, and sighed.
"Mam, I was just a kid then, I know you and Dad did a lot worse when you were my age. Look, it's really late here, and I've got an early start in the morning, I'm going to have to go."
"Alright, but I'll call again in a few days, and it would be nice if you're sober when you answer," Caral said archly.
"I will, Mam, I promise, once a week, new year's resolution," Meliden assured her, reaching out to turn off the monitor, plunging her quarters into darkness.

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