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12-28-2012, 11:38 AM
horizon is spot on, GDF and tac fleet run cold on my ship till i see a ship make a mistake like an early RSP, or other over reaction, also from potential healers. go ahead and fire that HE at the guy with only slight bleed damage, your about to become very acquainted with my plasma, and you will die in it i assure you.

if you stupidly use RSP as soon as i begin my conventional attack, well to bad for you, that wasn't really a full alpha, ive got my big buffs still and you just made my 'i want you to be plasma'ed most' list. i even named one of my ships 'RSP wont help', as a clue. you have put yourself into the chain plasma dead zone. without significant team support, which will drain said team of all their healing resources and make them all easy picking, they will never leave the cloud. this is why i say correctly applied EWP can single handedly turn a match on its heads, and nearly replace science. i have done hilarious harm to premades, and even over come them with a lucky group of random talented pugs, because i could overoccupy their team healing, and make targets vulnerable enough to take out, with a tactical captain, and quite often a cruiser.

in an actual premade team setup, if you have a maneuverable ship, as in KDF battle cruiser or above, and your not running EWP1 in your LTC eng station, its border line incompetence. no hold, when it does effectively hold, holds better or longer, and drains surplus heals from your enemy team faster. its incredibly easy to apply tactically from a sci ship or escort with an LTC eng as well . its doff'ed VM tier in terms of control power. apply plasma to the enemies healers at all time, this kills their usefulness. they have to chose to free themselves or keep team mates healthy. if they don't free themselves or simply cant, they really cant not die if any ship with cannons on your team is paying attention. acc mods start being real unneeded in this sort of situation too...

oh but what is an alpha strike? well that thing in the vid, thats an alpha strike. the dial is turned all the way to 10 on that alpha scale.

from there you have beam overloadless alpha strikes with 3 cannons and a quantum, this can be effective in a dog fight if you can time it right. thats a 9 on the alpha scale.

another popular alpha is the 3 cannons, 1 beam overload attack, ether take out a facing with the beam or cannon fire, and hit the hull with the beam or cannon fire. ether way its lots of damage real quick, still fully an alpha. thats an 8 on the alpha scale.

sci captains in an escort with a scan, nuke, maybe a little MVAM escort VM and any combination of cannon torp and beam attack is most definitely an alpha. a 7 on the alpha scale.

run 4 DHC? well in 100% of combat situations, you are very dangerous, and you very efficiently buff all your damage dealing with the least amount of skills at once. but now your mostly just dealing hyper pressure when you would otherwise be doing true spike with the above attack combinations. thats only a 6 on the alpha scale, but a 10 on the overwhelming pressure damage scale.

below that we find the best a fed cruiser can do, a fully tac buffed single cannon assault, also 1 step below hyper pressure. throw in a DBB and BO3 for quite possible a kill if your very lucky. this is a 5 on the alpha scale.

below that is an 8 beam array, beam overload every 15 seconds tac fed cruiser. this is on the scale not because it can do an alpha that can instantly kill, its here because it can alpha every 15 seconds with a 360 degree fireing arc. carving great big chunks out of your opponent every 15 seconds will have an effect if they arent being covered by lots of cross healing. and the damage from heavily buffed beam arrays that cant effectively be avoided can be extreamly painful. uptime is an extreamly big factor in damage dealing. this is a very low 4 on the alpha scale.

the best an eng can do is a temporary, slightly elevated damage dealing plateau, no mater what. it doesn't even rate on the alpha scale.

basically any time you hold off buffs, to use them all at once when an opportunity of vulnerability presents itself, its an alpha strike.
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