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12-28-2012, 12:43 PM
I've been a pretty enthusiastic STO player since the beta, but i think I've hit a bit of a showstopper. About a year ago, i stopped logging in because I had level capped and there was no endgame content. Despite loving the gameplay and the story line, i figured things would get better if i was patient.

After a few months of waiting, I not only took the time to regain interest in the game, but also managed to convince my wife to give it a shot, since she was new to gaming and we wanted to try something together. What we encountered was a game that hiccups on the lowest graphics settings and hard-crashes on 10-minute intervals.

A bit of googleing showed that we were suffering from a bug that was discovered in 2010, and still has not been "solved" by cryptic, or the games current publishers. The "maxfps" issue caused some problems, but even when manually corrected, the game still crashed.

As for hardware's irrelevant. I never have this problem with other games, nor my own graphics programming, and STO ran just fine on the same system from the Beta to season 2. Something your team added/changed screwed things up and you haven't yet figured out what it is.

I am an OpenGL graphics programmer, so i understand how difficult it is to create a 3D environment in a seamless manner. That difficulty aside, jesus people, get your **** together. Even my programs on the side as hobbies don't crash every ten minutes, your underlying engine is unstable and buggy as hell. Hire some people to get your stuff straight, or open source your engine and let someone like me (or any other capable fans) get it straight for you. Either way, consistent failure only makes you look pathetic, especially when people are offering to do it for you.

Thankfully, my wife hasn't sat down and tried playing herself, as I really don't want this glitchy and frustrating game to be her first taste of PC gaming. As I write this, I'm uninstalling STO from both of our computers, and I'm internally giving up on this hope. I'll be enjoying my time with my wife in some other fantasy world...your loss.