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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
they have to chose to free themselves or keep team mates healthy. if they don't free themselves or simply cant, they really cant not die if any ship with cannons on your team is paying attention. acc mods start being real unneeded in this sort of situation too...

When DDIS says stuff like this, you know he's sober. The Clarity!

oh but what is an alpha strike? well that thing in the vid, thats an alpha strike. the dial is turned all the way to 10 on that alpha scale.

And then he does this and I know he's loaded!

run 4 DHC? well in 100% of combat situations, you are very dangerous, and you very efficiently buff all your damage dealing with the least amount of skills at once. but now your mostly just dealing hyper pressure when you would otherwise be doing true spike with the above attack combinations. thats only a 6 on the alpha scale, but a 10 on the overwhelming pressure damage scale.

And this build I revile. Not because the build sucks, but because many players use this as a sort of constant fire hose. And that's just not efficient use of a good build.

And then we get to the STUNNING moment. The moment when my normally verbose pal, the master of the massive missive DDIS himself, forces himself after ALL that fun stuff he typed out for OUR reading pleasure.....

He freaking bangs it out in ONE little sentence.

Here it is. Brace yourself!

"...basically any time you hold off buffs, to use them all at once when an opportunity of vulnerability presents itself, its an alpha strike.:
That's the essence.

Cheers happy flying!

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