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That is what makes DHCs so strong. All of their shots are fired at nearly full weapon power bonus. That is not the case for any other cannon, and beams suffer the most because of the length of their firing cycle.
Becuase they fire less often at a higher drain with less weapons for more damage thier drain evens out to work better to thier own usage.

While Beam Arrays (a much weaker weapon) fire more shots from more weapons with slightly less drain per weapon but lose out becuase they are firing more shots overall.

Beams firing more often in the same time span gets more drain applied becuase there are more shots being fired which does not allow for any period of Pickup in weapons power.

The slow firing cycle of DHCs allows for this pickup. Fewer more but damaging shots for higher drain that is less in total due to the slow firing cycle of these weapons allow for the natural regen of weapons power.

So lower the drain on BA's to 8 and be done with it. The BA will still do less damage than a DHC but possibly the drain will be more manageble but given your still doing more shots from more weapons, I doubt it.

I mean at 4 shots per cycle per BA at 3 cycles each thats 72 cycles with 288 shots fired in that 15 seconds compared to the total (between DHCs and Turret) of 150 shots in the same 15 seconds.

Thats 2800 flat drain for all those BA shots overall.
Weapon Power drain is now instantly refunded at the end of a weapon’s firing cycle, instead of a slow return as was previously implemented. Multiple weapons being fired at the same time will still produce a significant drain and will affect their damage proportionately, but once the weapons stop firing, the weapon power level will immediately return to normal.
Simply put, the BA firing cycle is what kills its own power due to its long firing cycle meaning that power drain is applied longer before being refunded by the game.
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The Federation may have all the superficial attention - but the game engine has a Klingon heart that lives only for battle.
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I'm seroiusly thinking about leaving this game for a while.

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