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12-28-2012, 12:44 PM
Originally Posted by partsource View Post
We're buying impulse engines, and they are labelled as such. Therefore warp engine purchases should be separate, and have stats on their own rather than being combined. There's always a tradeoff. Ex: Borg SUB-TRANSWARP engines do a better job at transwarp speeds than they do at impulse or regular warp (imo), despite their label.
This is something I'd really like to see. Having to switch back and forth between the Borg Engines for Sector Travel and a different engine for actual combat is a huge pain.

For balance reasons I'd say that Warp Engines should only have traits that affect Sector Travel (increased warp speed, Quantum Slipstream Recharge Reduction etc.) and no actual combat stats but it would make things so much simpler.

Alternatively give all Mk XI and MK XII engines the Warp Speed buff that the Borg Engine has so we can use whatever engine we want in combat without having to switch out for sector travel.