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12-28-2012, 01:55 PM
Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post
Used with 3 Technician DOff (Purple is best) the use of AtB has a chance to proc an very good reduction in cool downs on all your BOff abilities.
Incorrect; there is no chance, it happens every time.

I tried Aux2Batt'ing but I didn't really care for it. You have to give up a pretty significant amount to make it work, between the BOFF and DOFF slots and not relying on your aux power for anything.

Personally I would have gone a completely different route in this game. I would have given ships an actual battery, and every time you use things like Emergency Power the battery gets depleted. It recharges by itself, but slowly, so Aux2Batt then becomes relevant as a way to juice up your ship's battery more quickly (thus allowing more frequent use of Emergency Power). Technicians would not reduce officer cooldown, they would instead impose a floor on the amount of Aux power you can have while using Aux2Batt, to prevent this ability consuming every ounce of Aux.