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Bryan stepped into his quarters and threw off his jacket, which landed on one of the chairs near his private table.

"Finally off duty." he said to himself. It was about then that he remembered the pile of reports and assignments that awaited him as one of the XOs of the fleet. He resigned himself to the chair at his desk in the corner near where his bed was located. One of the reports from the Azure sector reminded him of a promise he had made to Ibalei several months earlier


"Admiral, we've entered the Azure sector," Ensign Aara, an Orion that had defected form the Klingon empire called from her station at the aft of the bridge.

"Good." Bryan responded, "Helm, set a course for Starbase 234."

"Sir," Ibalei said from her chair to Bryan's left, "If we're ahead of schedule, could we please visit the Azure nebula? I've never seen it before, so I'd like to take the chance to do so, if we have the time."

"Sorry, Ibalei, but we're actually a little behind." Bryan responded sadly. "Next time we're in the sector, though, I promise that we will."


"Athena." Bryan called out suddenly.

"Yes Admiral?" The ship's AI responded.

"What is the current Earth standard date?"

"December 28, 2411, sir."

"Compose a new message. Trigger send upon the ship's arrival in the Azure sector. Recipient: Myself. Title: New Year's Resolution. Message Reads: Remember your promise to her, Bryan."

"Orders confirmed. Anything else?"

"No. Thank you."

"Logging you out, Bryan."

Bryan smiled to himself as he felt the ring in his pocket. "That would be the perfect time for that." He whispered as he went back to finishing the fleet reports.
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