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12-28-2012, 01:48 PM
Don't listen to that above Fed poster who says the Voquv is useless just because he can't pilot a carrier. Voquv bird of prey refits work great for me and others who actually know how to command carrier pets. I have no problems getting them to kill what I need to kill, and they do it faster then any other pet, even Adv. Fer'jai frigates don't seem to do as much when I use my Karfi. You just need to recall them and order to attack again sometimes, and also sometimes launching more pets, and they will immediatley attack your target when launched, not hard to do with high aux and flight deck doffs.

I use my voquv with either 2 DHC and 1 torp up front, or 3 DHC up front, and 3 turrets rear in STFs, and all beams on it for when I sometimes pvp with it. Its easy enough to keep DHC on target in STFs even with the slow turning voquv.