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Originally Posted by ewilpwny View Post
Not my worst but maybe one of the funniest:

[8:37] [Team] REDACTED: hold 5km distance from Donatras ship

[8:39] [Team] REDACTED: hold 5km distance

[8:40] [Team] REDACTED: 5km, 5km distance

[8:40] [Team] ME: not possible with trico mines

[8:41] [Team] REDACTED: don't fire the mines

Maybe that explains why this Captain only did 7% of all damage during this STF according to ACT ( i did 35 %).

Whats next? "Don't fire at him! He will cloak!"
with trics, its easy. you go in, get a few shots, get the aggro, and just escape dropping mines while she is following (and donatra basically moves into the mines). however if you cant hold aggro, then just leave it, and stay 5km away (I have so much fun with my gravity wells, keeping donatra in place, just to see how impatient tric captains are, while it would truly be faster if they just shot it at 5km)

also if that guy was on the other side, the combatlog would pretty much be inaccurate for him.

also here is a story of mine:
CSE, we group from elite stf (so thats a double fail, not even pugs), I just join the queue, we already start (well, I guess they talked strategy already, since the last sentence I caught was about describing mrrmll). one guy drops, we have to inv another, nothing is told, and start as soon as the replacement guy (whom I had a bad stf exp with, where we were the only two competent players, so guess it was a bad omen ), we start, no strategy is explained.

we go mrrmll as usual, and when the negvars pop, someone dies, and as he respawns cries that the kang is surrounded with BoPs. I tried to help, but when I saw its a lost cause, I just quit, since I did not want to take a timer on a CSE, that was failed because the match creator decided to be stupid, and I was a fool to assume that he is not an idiot.

on the other hand, the CSE I took after, I topped my best DPS ever, so in the end, I didnt care about the first try