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12-28-2012, 02:19 PM
I don't have mine. I am almost there. But those who want an extension will get no sympathy from me. Cryptic stated that starting December 6th, you had the chance to run the race every day for 35+ days. You only needed to run it 25 times. You had a week and a half that you could miss and still be able to get it. So... no. No extension.

If you couldn't be bothered to log on for 5 minutes each day (depending on loading times and how long it takes you to run the race), then I'm sorry to say, TS (and no, that doesn't mean torpedo spread). Trust me, 5 minutes. You can do that between your shower and going to sleep. Because I am sure that even being unable to log on, you still went on to facebook or checked your email. The only excuse anyone would have would be if they were on a red-eye flight or had a power outage.

But also hear this. Cryptic put a 20 hour cooldown on this mission. Not 24, but 20. So it was possibly to get more than 35 runs on the mission. So as I said, no, no extension. You couldn't be bothered to put time aside to get it, you had a 10 day buffer that you could miss. They were more than kind here.

I will probably completely forget about you and everyone else who missed it as I fly around in my Chel'gret wondering how the KDF and Starfleet ever won the Dominion war.
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