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Originally Posted by ascaladar View Post
For some odd reason my tactical Odyssey often ends up on first or second place in missions like Klingon Scout Force or Gorn Minefield.

I must be doing something wrong.

Small hint, 8 phaser arrays are not a viable weapon layout. (edited for accuracy)
Mine does that easily too. And it can get first in SB24. And if you're using 8 BAs, I weep for your ship.

Anyways... the arguments in the last couple posts were well informed and thought out. Gj guys. But now the Devil's Advocate must come into play.

BAs do horrendously low damage. They have a high weapon power drain due to their firing cycle and how many of them are usually going at once in a full broadside (believe me, I know this from my 7/1 Oddy setup... weapon power? what's that... -.-). BAs also do very low damage per shot and are MASSIVELY affected by power levels. Their only saving grace is that they instantly hit (no travel time for the shot), they only have a 40% damage loss as a result of range, and they have a 250 degree firing arc (something everyone here conveniently left out in their arguments).

DHCs do very high damage. They have a higher weapon power drain that is mitigated by a much slower firing cycle and the fact you can only have 4 of them firing at once (compared to 7 BAs), and that they have priority over turrets, and often only your opening salvo is a combination of turrets and DHCs, since they have somewhat different firing cycles, it's commonplace to have your second and third salvos have your turrets firing at different times from your DHCs. DHCs do high damage per hit, and are still affected by power drain, but due to what was listed above, it's almost a moot point (due also to overcap). Their weakness is that their shot has travel time, which gives the target time (albeit not much) to hit an EPtS, or some other defensive buff, they have MASSIVE damage loss due to range, and they only have a 45 degree firing arc (again something conveniently left out).

You also need to look at roles of weapons.

DHCs were designed for heavy up in your face burst damage and lower sustained DPS. They were designed to nuke a target's shields away and open up for a THY3 or TS3 on bare hull. But they don't make good harass, and you can't bombard a target effectively from 6-8k out with them. Also you have to constantly be pointed at your target and that limits your attack vectors and positioning severely.

BAs were designed for constant medium level pressure damage. They were designed to wear a targets shields down and keep constant damage on the target. They are a support weapon more than anything else (irony: cruisers are support craft as well... hm...) But they make up for this low damage by having this HUGE firing arc and a lower range damage reduction. So you CAN effectively bombard a target from 6-8k out, and the larger firing arc greatly reduces and almost removes the limits on both your attack vectors and your positioning.

Just a thought...
It is said the best weapon is one that is never fired. I disagree. The best weapon is one you only have to fire... once.
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