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12-28-2012, 03:43 PM
I say no extension. I live a busy life between work, family, etc. So even myself was able to spend 5 mins to do the mission. Plus had to wait another 5+ to get my Bootcamp to load up on my Mac. So I can play it. So it can be done. So far I only missed 1 day. And on track to have it still around New Years. Plus they give you like 10 days to miss. So surely if you work on it you can still get it. If you wanted it bad enough. After I saw how the race was. I'm like I can get this. And made it happen.

How I did it was to set it up. To have the timer done by the time I logged on the next day. And kept that time schedule to a certain degree. So each day soon as I got home from work. I logged on and did it real quick. And got back off. On weekends same thing, but I usually play around that time anyways. So that was just a small side quest.