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12-28-2012, 06:04 PM
Well just did a quick test about which console boosts plasma burn damage, results were interesting and informative. Used a Plasma Beam Array, a Plasma Torpedo Launcher, a Plasma Infuser (Energy), and an Ambiplasma Envelope (Projectile), all MkXI white quality. Also had EWP1 equipped, on a ship with a total Particle Generators skill of 72 (yes I need to respec). All measurements taken from hotbar tooltips in planetary orbit.

Plasma Beam Array
Base Burn: 70.9 per second
+Envelope: 70.9 per second
+Infuser: 75.9 per second

Plasma Torpedo Launcher
Base Burn: 155.1 per second
+Envelope: 161.7 per second
+Infuser: 161.7 per second

Eject Warp Plasma
Base Burn: 248 per second
+Envelope: 248 per second
+Infuser: 268.2 per second

So interestingly, the energy console boosts all kinds of plasma burns period, while the projectile console only boosts projectiles. One more point for the 'run only energy consoles' philosophy. I would not have guessed that.