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12-28-2012, 05:45 PM
And DHCs in PvE content manage to ignore their intended 'weakness'. The firing arc of 45 degrees is not an issue, keeping a DHC on target is not an issue for a decent player. Yes your ship needs to be able to survive incoming enemy damage but because of the current 'tank' mechanics it does not matter if you can turn your ship or not. Either tac team + buffs are active and you can infact tank it or they are not and you esplode. Sole exception being hull tanking but then you still do not need to turn your ship. In addition the yo-yo maneuver allows you to avoid the negative defense issue.

While it is also true that cannon type weapons suffer a higher penalty at a longer range, their higher base damage combined with their higher efficiency with weapons power still allows them to put out the best sustained 'bombard' damage with the sole exception of specialized torpedo builds that can out perform them against hull targets.

PvP is a completely different ball game that I refuse to touch with a ten foot stick as far as balance goes, mainly because of the severe lack of it.