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Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
Since the devs screwed up pet AI and band-aid patched it into its current idiotic form the VoQuv is nothing but a slow hulk with dps that cannot be focused or controlled.

Don't bother with any carrier in general except the fed. escort carrier. That ship at least can do something on its own and is not dependent on its pets.

As a carrier the VoQuv is neutered due to the pet AI screwup. You can still play it as a sadomasochist science ship though.
I fly the Vo'Quv without any real problems. (KDF Science)

I use the Advanced Bird of Prey and the only 2 functions that matter with them are the Attack and Recall and they work fine.

You need to make sure that your build takes into account all the Vo'Quvs weaknesses.