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Originally Posted by mandoknight89 View Post
That's what the Exchange is for... more Bridge Officer candidates of whatever race and sex you want than you could ever possibly use or sell, all for dirt cheap.
Not really.

To start its a mess to navigate because you cannot just search for traits, you have to inspect every single one that is not exactly enjoyable.

Second, even if there many out there I never seen a Female Vulcan Science Officer with Nerve Pinch and Mind Meld.

Full customization would allow for that as it currently doesnt ... at least chances of that happening are once in a full blue moon.

Oh this isnt a noob question, I understand you dont realize you can get more BO's either from the exchange or the BO store (yes, there is one ... but just commons) and you can even get then in some missions as a reward and also from the DOFF system but eventually you start looking at their traits, abilities can be trained so its a much lesser issue but its hard to get some specific traits so you end up with a BO that simply is not exactly quite as useful because it have a trait that is not exactly helpful on what you want then to do in ground or space because space traits are worth their weight in Lobi.