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12-28-2012, 09:07 PM
Snowmen never give me trouble as long as I signal the Race Coordinator before I can get hit by one. Once I'm flashed on to the track and starting the race, the snowmen leave me alone. It used to be bugged but they seemed to have fixed it a few days ago.

2:15 is my fastest time. I'm slow, but unless I lag I beat the AI competitor nearly all the time. Once in a great blue moon the lag might have me bounce off the track and DQ me, which is a real pain in the behind especially when the finish line is practically in sight or your more then half way done and the Gazebo is a long way away to reset the race.
Wishes for STO in 2014:
Borg Armor/Implant Bodysuits for Existing Liberated Borg Captains, Dominion/Cardassian Faction?, More STFs and end game content, More Undine and Iconian story progression, More Sectors and Sector Blocks. Also at least 25% reduction of new bugs added to the game.