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12-28-2012, 10:14 PM
Ya'll are jumping the gun a little bit too quickly. Exploit or no, the reason there aren't really too many complaints yet, is because these are still pretty few and far between.

The reason things get nerfed is because a LOT of people use a generally VERY powerful item or build over and over and over, which generally has little to no counter against it, and usually little to no strategy to use it in the first place (tric mines being an example).

Sure, these torps seem innocuous right now, but they're semi-rare still.

Wait until there's whole teams of burn builds that launch copious amounts of these torps in whole spreads, with gravity wells, AMS and/or Scramble Sensors, mines to slow down AoE counters, and so on.

Simply because they might not seem like trouble now, doesn't mean they won't be trouble later.

Their damage and DoT isn't the problem, it's the overwhelming amount you can make. And unlike tric mines, these can hurt the moment they are launched, and they can be used at point blank range. Heals will run out, counters can be on CD, yet these torps WILL just keep coming.

And often times a problem in PvP either comes from, or goes to PvE. Think of how many are going to start making those builds in PvE, burning through entire ESTFs easily with them.

Maybe they aren't OP, as they stand now, but often times once something gets 'spread', it tends to be much more of a problem. Tric mines were and are that way, the broken Omega Shield Regen was that way, and in the future, there will be something else.