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12-28-2012, 10:03 PM
not one of those questions is of any relevance to the subject at hand.

it might work for people who aren't technically inclined.

the game has played fine for months, save for the few times per month when the issue at hand occurs, and the CTD happens.

it is always the same files that it redownloads.

it is always the same files which cause the decompression issues.

you should/could have asked.

video card type (gts250)

driver version of video drivers. (

direct x version. (dx9)

operating system in question. (xp sp-3)

sli mode (no)

overheating issues on cpu (no)

overheating issues on video card (no)

overclocked system or video card (no)

the video driver is sort of old, so I will be updating it here in an hour or two. maybe that will fix it, but since other players have the same decompression problem, It is more than likely a software issue on the star trek end.