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12-28-2012, 11:20 PM
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Greetings folks,

I have published my new Foundry mission for the Officer Reports daily today. It is a short story mission with challenging and difficult space combat as well as some quick ground tasks and combat. It should yield decent drops for the loot seeker and is long enough to qualify for the officer reports once it gets out of the review stage. Please give it a try if you dare!

Title: Argus Array Defense
Vice Admiral
Starting Location:
Console outside main transporter room, ESD

"Mirror Temporal agents have hijacked a fleet of temporal vessels and have come back in time to destroy one of the Federations greatest accomplishments, the rebuilt Argus Array. Destruction of the array will affect future events and thus change the timeline. Stop these evil agents before they accomplish their mission. The future of the Federation is at stake!"
Tried looking for it and couldn't find it. o.O Is there a level requirement?
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