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Originally Posted by argent007 View Post
i have also been noticing some pretty near-crippling connection issues to STO

It doesn't matter "what else is affected", as different internet destinations by necessity travel different routes. What affects your route to STO doesn't necessarily affect your route to anywhere else.

Run the diagnostics specified in the above post and post the results.

I have already checked with my service, checked other games and no issues there. Ran a ping test and had my service do a reset from their end.
Simply because your ping isn't timing out doesn't mean it's returning acceptable results. Any ISP tech rep that tells you to run only a simple ping test is usually a rep on the line who's just trying to get you off the phone and on to the next customer in line.

See my above paragraph for why "it works fine with other games" is completely irrelevant to the problem. (Yep, I'm blunt in saying this but I've heard it a hundred times by now.)

Also, a simple ping doesn't tell the whole story. A traceroute (as specified in the linky that otaku provided) tells how your data is getting there, and what stops it's making along the way.
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