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Originally Posted by unangbangkay View Post
Truth, right here. Goodness gracious, I wish Cryptic were still selling skins instead of just full ships. Then they could make a 25th-century remake of the Excelsior. We want (and have a good cruiser), but it's a tragedy that it looks like a centuries-old scow.

If canon whiners should complain about anything, it's this.
I don't think a reskin could save it from my scorn tbh. I personally believe the Odyssey looks magnificent. And it not only looked amazing, it is an amazing ship. She looks modern, can hurt like HELL, and can take one hell of a beating.

Then they took this 200 year old piece or junk, and made it have a better version than her larger and far more magnificent 25th century sister. Insulting to me. Oh wells.
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