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Originally Posted by thedukeofrock View Post
Could be needing to become a reviewer. If it is under 5 plays, it will only show to reviewers. All you need to do is join as a reviewer, nothing special to do, just as such it will show you all missions that your level qualified for, even those under 5 reviews. It is a level 31+ mission.
Thanks for trying, hopefully you will find it and give it a go.

It is under: Argus Array Defense (type that in the title search)

Already done, I'll offer more feedback here as the review section is rather limited in how much I can provide.

1. I think the second wave needs to be dialed down a little. Perhaps launch the support craft as a separate wave from the destroyers?

2. Third wave is murderous. I don't exactly run with noob gear (it's not elite level either, but I ran it on my RA47) and I died something on the order of a dozen times.

3. Command ship needs to be stronger or accompanied by other ships. Compared to the preceding three Waves O' Temporal Hell, it was a joke.

Otherwise, good and challenging mission, but methinks a bit TOO challenging to anyone but those who have the best of the best gear.
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