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# 1 cloaking during combat
12-29-2012, 03:06 AM
I've been back a few days now after a while away and something is bothering me. Now I play a Klingon but this I do not agree with.

The ability of some ships to launch a load of weapons whether it be torpedoes or mines then instantly cloak again giving absolutely no chance or retaliation.

The number of people doing this is ridiculous. It is basically a little to no risk strategy.

If you uncloak and fire ANY weapon there should be a minimum of a 10 second timer before you can cloak again. If you have attacked someone then you shouldn't be able to insta cloak before they can even lock on you
Granted there are counters to this but like anything you shouldn't have to run certain weapons or skills to counter this.

The idea behind the cloak is to give you a positional/surprise advantage, not to make you immune from people who haven't specifically built a ship to counter it.