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12-29-2012, 03:59 AM
I dont think you understand. In pvp, I have seen people fire so many torpedos I could not count them all. The further away I am the more trouble I am in, because the row of torpedos gets longer. Sure, I can shoot a gravity well and eat some of them, if i have that skill, I could put my fighters on intercept and get a few, scatter volly, torpedo spread... I can shoot them down with normal weapons... but after all my tricks are spent, there is still an infinite number of torpedos to deal with, not to mention im out of the fight for as long as it takes to deal with the torpedos.

In pve i see people eating Elite STF Gates with them, shooting a constant line of them for as long as it takes. Killing a gate like this is faster then killing it with tricobalts.

The number of torpedos is endless.

These are the romulan ones I am talking about, not sure why my thread was merged withthis one that seems to be about the omegas.

It isnt that common that I see people shooting torpedos like this, but every game I see them in ends the same way: I lose. Unless I am on a team with someone who can do this. Then I win.

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