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Thanks for the compliment! I read yours too, and I've got to say, you've got a real talent yourself.
You're very welcome, and likewise, thankyou, it was fun to write, any particular favorite parts?

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A couple things I feel I should explain about mine:
First, yes Bryan is actually the XO (well, one of two XOs actually) in the fleet that I'm in.
Second, the AI (Athena, which shares the name of the ship) is actually a full AI, completely self-aware and capable of independent thought and emotion. She controls the ships point defense turrets, makes adjustments to the ship's power systems as needed among other things that no crewman could handle quickly enough.
Th rest of the story should be fairly self-explanatory (especially the part at the end with the ring )
Like the AI of Highguard ships, like Andromeda? I really like the idea Indeed, it got the message across nicely, and was just the right length to have the right impact