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Originally Posted by xantris View Post
It's their responsibility to learn..
Yes it is their responsibility to learn but that just comes from playing, this seems a bit of overly obvious statement. See however with needing to make this statement you are confirming what I thought, that there is a gap in difference.

I am not debating the merits or stating this is good or bad, please try and get beyond that to see the point of the post.

Originally Posted by xantris View Post
If you jumped right into elites, then you skipped a step, you should be doing normal STFs.
1 of the elites is pretty easy so I just run that now. My death rate isn't much different from a normal to an elite. Since I disengage a lot more now I don't die much on any of them.

Originally Posted by xantris View Post
If your doing normal STFs and struggling, it's really just an issue with you needing to accept you are bad at the game and that you need to figure out what your doing wrong. That means looking at builds, key binds, game mechanics, etc. there are plenty of sticky guides in the forum that will help you with that
That is what I am doing here. However there is a gap and you've just pointed it out here. The gap relies on gathering further information. I am not saying this is good or bad, merely pointing out your own words to you.

Originally Posted by toiva View Post

Elite STFs are not the regular PVE a new lvl 50 should be playing. They are WAY harder than anything you could have seen in lvls 1-49. That said, they're still not that troublesome when you learn what to do with your ship, abilities,... Clearly, the content up to lvl 50 doesn't (and can't) prepare you for them.

Now if you're talking normal STFs at lvl 50, then it's strange. There shouldn't really be any difference in a normal STF when played at lvl 49 or 50.
I don't know who brought up Elite STF's as it wasn't me? As other posters have, they are not way harder imho, a bit, I die a bit more often not much.

All I can say to your second paragraph is, my experience has differed greatly. From Easy and not really caring about equipment, never dying and steamrolling over everything, to having to watch videos on builds, gathering information on the forum and trying not to die more than a few times a match by moving away out of range.

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