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12-29-2012, 06:45 AM
There's no reason to encourage people to use Need or Greed. Just get rid of it and distribute the loot randomly. Everyone wants the loot, stop asking stupid questiions.

Know that if there was an encouragement to not always Need, that would just mean everyone would Greed all the cheap trash and Need the few valuable items. The end result is exactly the same as it is now, except then everyone would have to pay attention to the flow of vendor trash in case there's something worth more than pocket change in there.

Random distribution with no questions > blindly clicking Need on everything > being forced to watch the item drops instead of playing the game

If there was a reason to care about loot other than its resale value, I could support a better distribution system (not Need & Greed, and not something you have to make a decision on in the heat of battle), but there isn't.